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PLEASE NOTE: Images, lessons, tutorials and other materials, or derivative works contained on this website may not be used, published, distributed or sold, in any form, without first receiving wrtiten permission of DIGS and/or the respective member who produced the work.

                                                                              DIGS Presentations and Tutorials

Camera and Lens Use
Shooting People and Portraits by Gene Skaggs - 2008
Tilt and Shift Lens by John Triebe - 2008
Depth of Field - Joe Liske - 2007
Astrophotography - Ralph Proffitt
Photo Editing Techniques
Add Digital Skies - Robbie Peoples
Blend Modes - Bill Zadina
Boost Autumn Colors - Robbie Peoples
Creating a Color Image in a Frame in A B&W Photo - John Sparbel
Creating Collages by Gene Skaggs - 3-2009
Eraser Tool Tutorial - John Sparbel
Panoramas - Bill Zadina and John Sparbel - 2007
Photoshop Elements Techniques by Robbie Peoples 4-2009
Photoshop and Illustrator - Bob Lamb-2007
Work Flow Automation - Joe Liske - 2006
Photo Editing Techniques (continued)
Add Drama to a Photo - Robbie Peoples I 9-2010
Creative Cut-outs - Robbie Peoples II 9-2010
Landscape Light Balancing - Robbie Peoples III 9-2010
Photo to Illustration - Robbie Peoples IV 9-2010
Textured Image - Robbie Peoples V 9-2010
Templates I - The Power of Templates - Sue Moyer  10-10
Templates II - Making a Scrapbook Template - Sue Moyer  10-10
Templates III - Using a Scrapbook Template - Sue Moyer II 10-10

Photo Composition
Condensed Art of Photography - Bill Zadina 2005
Shampers Bluff Photo Workshop by Byron Cotter-May2008
The Art of Photography - Bill Zadina 2011

Printing Digital Images - John Triebe 2009
Print on Demand - Joe Liske, John Sparbel
Restoring Old Photos
Digital Family History by Sharon Cotter - June 2008
Colorizing Photos by Sharon Cotter - October 2008
Photo Restorations by Sharon Cotter - August 2008
Specialized Software
Avery Design Pro - Bob Koblewski
Aperature Demo - John Sparbel
Business Cards - Bob Koblewski
Helicon Focus - Image Stacking - Bill Zadina
High Dyanmic Range by Joe Liske - 12-2009
High Dynamic Range by Gene Skaggs - 12-2009
Optical and Digital Filters by Byron Cotter - 4-2011